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New Beanies and Wine Glasses are in the CCandFriends Store!

Here's new hat Crystal will be wearing & the new CC and Friends wine glass she will sip from on New Years Eve in NYC!   They are now available for purchase in the CCandFriends store.  Please check out the "store tab"  above.

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12-6-15 Blog From Crystal

Read Crystal's new blog here!


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New Venice The Series Throw Pillows Are Here!

Check out our new Venice the Series throw pillows!   They are beautiful and made very well!   Venice The Series Season 5 is coming in 2016! We have all 4 seasons of Venice available in the Vshop as well, stop by and check it out!!/Venice-The-Series-Merchandise/c/1385641/inview=product57558034&offset=0&sort=normal


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CC’s Favorite Things Subscription Boxes Are Here!

Crystal has picked out some of her favorite things just to share with you in a subscription box.    December boxes are coming, subscribe here :



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11-15-15 Blog from Crystal

Well, it's been a long time coming.  I've been working on this most of the year but, as life happens, other things pop up.  I wanted to create a place where I could put down thoughts, share experiences and maybe figure out a thing or two myself.  In some ways, having the desire to create this space caused BIG change in my life.  Im sure you've noticed the multiple things I do and then tweet about....; ).  While I absolutely LOVE the many things I do,  I started to notice that My Ass Was Tired....and a little saggy which is ANOTHER reason why the change had to happen.  I was faced with the LAW of DIMINISHING RETURNS.  Basically, I had to reorganize EVERYTHING!!!  I mean, EVERYTHING!  And Im so glad I did!


First and foremost, I took a hard look at myself.   Was I happy?  Truly happy?  Was I looking forward everyday to making my dreams happen?  When I broke down all the components, yes.  I love my family.  I love my work.  I love feeling fit and healthy. But, because I was doing so much, without balance, it was kind of a drag and everything suffered just a bit.  Was that good enough, I asked myself.  Do I want to give my family just enough or all I got?  Do I want to give MYSELF an average experience of life or the BEST it has to offer?


So, off I went...In search of HEALTH....HEALING.  I rejoined my meditation practice after at least a decade off.  Boy, what a difference this makes.  I only use the word Asshole once a day rather than 10 times a day like I used to.  I have kept up with the word FUCK though because it makes me laugh. : ).  I decided squats and pushup were worth it because I like the results.  I dont like to jump up and down and have too many of my body parts following me. So, my ass, arms and stomach mostly stay in place now.  I enrolled in a business course that has hugely changed how I approach what I do.  Being the CFO of Open Book and The Sabatino Family, I needed new skills....and Im getting them! It's made a huge difference in my stress levels which were adequately being helped by the above meditating.....and wine.  But the wine wasnt helping my ass so new skills were a must! (I still enjoy my grape but only to the point  that its kind to my tush).  I also have a life coach.  She's cheaper then a therapist and has a no BULLSHIT rule.  Me like her.....  I've hired new people to work within Open Book and we are gearing up for Venice.


Venice Season 5 is coming!  Now that I've opened up my time and found balance, I couldn't be more excited about working on Venice.  I love the script.  I love the cast.  I love the crew.  Cant wait to see them all again!  And, yes, all your questions will be answered this season! ; )


Beautiful Life!!!!!!


Go Kick Some Ass!!!  I believe in YOU!




*Grateful to YOU ALL!!!

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