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Day’s Dr. Carly Manning

Final character biography of Days of Our Lives' Carly Manning, played by Crystal Chappell.

(Source: Soap Central)

Carly Manning was sunbathing nude on a beach in Tahiti, where she met up with Adrienne and Justin Kiriakis. Carly was on the run and decided to take Justin and Adrienne's advice and hide in Salem. Carly arrived in Salem and was shocked when she saw two people she knew. One was her long lost boarding school friend, Jennifer Horton. The other was Bo Brady, the man who broke up a fight between her and Lawrence years ago. Bo, however, did not remember Carly. Carly and Bo despised each other, yet bonded over Bo's son Shawn Douglas. Shawn Douglas had gone deaf as a result of falling into a pipe at a Jencon Oil site. Carly was the doctor who treated him and she taught him sign language. Carly had learned that her brother, Francois, a.k.a Frankie Brady, was being held by Lawrence and would only be released if he was given the VonLeuschner fortune and Bo Brady. Carly intended to give Lawrence what he wanted, but changed her mind when she began developing feelings for Bo. Later, Carly learned that Jennifer had tried to marry Lawrence in her place and was raped. Carly's disgust for Lawrence became even greater after that and increased when he came to Salem. Carly was relieved that her brother Frankie was safe, but she refused to give Lawrence her family's fortune.  Continue Reading →

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