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OLTL’s Maggie Carpenter

Final character biography of One Life to Live's Maggie Carpenter, played by Crystal Chappell.

(Source: Soap Central)

Maggie was somewhat of a wild-child, always flitting from one thing to the next, never settling down, always trying to please her father, but never getting his approval. She had a difficult relationship with her father, partly because of his disapproval with her life-style and partly because Maggie blamed her father for her deaf brother Mark's suicide. Maggie came to Llanview just before taking her vows to become a nun to visit her cousin, Andrew Carpenter.

While in Llanview, she helped Patrick Thornhart escape Irish terrorists. She also became closer to Max Holden, and was the first one to notice that Max's son, Frankie, was deaf. Max and Maggie grew closer, but Maggie took her vows as a nun. She had finally gained her father's approval by insisting she was sure this was what she wanted to commit to for the rest of her life. Maggie worked as a teacher in a school for the deaf, but she slowly got more and more involved in Max's plot to make Carlo think he's dying and get back the money Carlo stole from Asa Buchanan. Maggie became a spiritual advisor for Carlo until Carlo figured out their plan and tried to have both Maggie and Max killed. They are rescued, but not before they admit their feelings for each other. When Maggie is reassigned to the Philippines, she leaves the church to be able to stay with Max.

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