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About Crystal Chappell

Q. Where can I write Crystal?
Check out our Write to Crystal page.

Q. Is there a fan club I can join?
Yes. Her official fan club is called CC & Friends. You can find out about all the great membership benefits by visiting the Join CC & Friends page.

About Crystal-Chappell.com

Q. Which browser was this site designed for?
Any modern up-to-date browser will work for this site but we highly suggest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Q. Do I need plugins to view this site?
No, you shouldn’t need anything special!

Q. Can I repost your content on my site/blog/journal?
No. A lot of effort has been made to make this site an original resource for Crystal Chappell fans. Please do not repost any of the material on this site without express written permission.

Q. Who designed Crystal-Chappell.com?
Crystal hired My Every Dream Design Services, LLC to design, develop, host and maintain this web site.